World War II had an adverse affect on many departments, some losing almost thier entire memberships. Even through the hardships of the war and the period that followed, a fire fighting force was maintained at Riverdale. There were several highlights for Riverdale during these times. One of the most celebrated purchases of the Riverdale Fire Department was the 1947 Mack open cab pumper. This was followed a year later by a 1948 Mack open cab pumper.
To commemorate the 300th anniversary of volunteer firemen in the United States, a three cent stamp was issued by the United States Postal Service. The stamp honored one of the most symbolic figures of volunteer fire fighting in the United States, Peter Stuyvesant, who organized the first volunteer firemen in the nation in 1648. The engraving of the stamp also displayed an open cab Mack pumper, this rendering was taken from Riverdale's 1947 Mack pumper. This was a great honor to the members of the Department. The cermony that accompanied the celebration in honoring Peter Stuyvesant, all volunteer firemen and the Riverdale Fire Department was momentous. The pumper, along with the entire membership of the Riverdale Fire Department were taken to Dover, Delaware fire department where the festivities were held. The original picture of the apparatus, the crew that manner her that celebrated day, and a Commemorative Stamp are still proudly on display at the firehouse. It was truly one of the most auspicious occasions that the Riverdale Fire Department has ever experienced.